Down the

Memory Lane

  • Founded Suyati Technologies
  • Founded Content Crossroads
  • Developed a transparent service delivery model - DGT
  • Established European partnership
  • Innovative solutions for a self-publishing client
  • 30+ employees
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Innovative solutions for a European Telecom firm
  • DGT team growth to 25+
  • Suyati's 2nd facility inaugurated
  • Ektron Premier Partnership
  • SaaS solution for content markerting
  • ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified
  • SaaS based social advocacy platform
  • 100+ employees
  • Suyati selected as Gartner Cool Vendor 2013
  • Suyati Inc. registered in the US
  • Suyati representative selected as Dreamforce 2014 speaker
  • Launched SaaSpie, a community for cloud enthusiasts
  • Ranked as one of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 companies in the APAC region
  • Silver Sponsor for ASCEND 2015
  • Signed up with a leading university as technology partner
  • Introduced Mekanate - An analytics based DT framework
  • 250 seater facility opened
  • 200+ employees
  • Microsoft Silver Cloud partner
  • Silver Sponsor of Ascend 2017 USA
  • Opened Suyati Incubation Centre
  • SOCXO spun off as seperate entity
  • Invented a three-phase approach to Digital Transformation
  • Ideathon was introduced
  • Celebrating 10 years
  • One of the 60 companies selected globally for Stanford Seed
  • And the dream continues...
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How it all started

Founder's Note

Founder | CEO aka the Professor!

Mukund Krishna

What was the dominant thought or feeling when we started Suyati in 2009?

At that time, I felt that I didn’t have too much choice. My family was settling well in Kochi after our return from the US and I didn’t think relocating to any other Indian city was an option. I decided that it made sense to stay back and build something in Kochi.

Where did you think Suyati was headed when we started? Share your dream about Suyati

I did not have any vision specifically in terms of size or areas of focus when we started. I knew that we would figure it out in the course of time. I just wanted a place where people can have a good time learning and contributing to our clients. I wanted to create a culture where people build deep connections with each other that last for a lifetime.

What do you like about working at Suyati?

I like people acquiring new skills, making customers happy, growing as business leaders, starting new businesses, giving back to society and having fun. I am glad to see that these continue to happen and our culture continues to encourage the above.

How has your work at Suyati helped you in your life?

As the CEO, I am at the forefront of building relationships, evangelizing new ideas and concepts and driving the creation of solutions that make these new ideas a reality. Whether it is life or work, I like to be occupied with new thoughts, ideas and solutions and Suyati provides me with a great avenue.

Your absolute favourite moment or incident at Suyati? Your worst moment? Why?

Favorite moment: When we crossed 100 employees some 4-5 years ago. It was a mental milestone I set for myself when we started the company.

Worst moment: When one of our top clients halved their team size due to business contingencies. While we were able to absorb the shock (and the resources into other projects) it helped to shake ourselves out of our comfort zone and take a serious look at figuring out ways to scale Suyati.

To me, Suyati is a place I helped create with a team of people I like. I like being there every day and see it grow from strength to strength.

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Director, and Chief Communication officer (self-proclaimed!)

Revathi Krishna

What was the dominant thought or feeling when we started Suyati in 2009?

I was scared. We had always wanted to start something, but never expected the opportunity would come this way – with our employers shutting shop and we taking over the project to maintain the application.

Can you relate an incident or funny scene at that time?

We wanted to save costs. After all there were 10 of us in a 55-seater facility. So when I came in, lights would be on only in a small portion of the office. The rest of the office was downright scary looking!

Where did you think Suyati was headed when we started?

Frankly I don’t remember thinking too much. We just dived deep in and started doing whatever it was needed to move things along.

What do you like about working at Suyati?

I love the positive energy when I walk in. I would not exchange it for anything else in the world.

To me, Suyati is family.

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Manager, Admin, and the face of Suyati

Vinod Kumar

What was the dominant thought or feeling when we started Suyati in 2009?

In a positive way we were pretty confident.  When you have nothing in your hand you will have an urge to do something.

Can you relate an incident or funny scene at that time?

The funny incident was pulling the rolling shutter everyday evening before going home as there was no security during night times, just like you are closing a shop and going home

How has your work at Suyati helped you in your life?

For me both are going hand-in-hand.  Sometimes my wife, asks putting her hand in my hand, do you remember me .  Jokes apart, I would say we need to learn lot many things from Suyati and its management team.  I am still learning and it amazes me the knowledge treasure our CEO has.  This has helped me both personally and professionally.

To me, Suyati is my home.

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Director and Chief People Officer and Security Guard (for a short while!)

Vincent NP

What was the dominant thought or feeling when we started Suyati in 2009?

Depressing recession of 2008-09. You hear of only layoffs and closing down of business around the world. And here was Mukund, willing to plunge into entrepreneurship. Could see frowns and funny smiles around us, but we decided to never let go the undying spirit.

Can you relate an incident or funny scene at that time?

Our first tug of war competition in the Infopark campus during Onam. We were very badly pulled down by our opponents (I think it was Calpine) but all of us were celebrating with the bunch of bananas we got as consolation prize. Even the opposite team was surprised and were wondering if they won or we did?!!!

Your favorite memory?

When we started Suyati, I became the security guard to open and close the office. I would wait for the last guy to get out to close down the office. As I lived really close, it became my duty!

Your absolute favourite moment or incident at Suyati?

How can I forget how Suyati celebrated my 50th birthday by throwing a surprise party? That was stupendous.

To me, Suyati is what I always love to hear

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Manager, Systems and Network, and Gyan Guru for everything under the sun

Dama Davis

What was the dominant thought or feeling when we started Suyati in 2009?

The dominant thought that we had when we started Suyati was to prove to all that we had made the right Choice to be a part of Suyati. Of course there was anxiety on what the future will be, to convince ourselves and also our family that we were taking the right decision. At heart, we all (Vincent, Vinod, Ramesh, Manmohan, Mahesh, Aby, Sandeep) had the faith that we were embarking on an exciting journey with Suyati.

Funny Memories:

Still remember Mukund in the Pantry making coffee for one of the visitors! And one of our first clients needed huge number of SEO blogs every month and I used to write too. At one instance I felt I had a career in blogging!

How has your work at Suyati helped you in your life?

What I am today has been what I had received from Suyati. The greatest advantage I had was that, I always had the time to be with my family when they needed me. The special mention that I would like to add to this is the bonding the Suyati has shown during the recent floods. I and my family don’t know how to express the gratitude for the team coming down to help in cleaning (literally) when we didn’t know where to start.

To me, Suyati is family.

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Technical Architect

Ramesh Velayudhan

What was the dominant thought or feeling when we started Suyati in 2009?

Definitely there was uncertainty, but somehow there was this feeling that Everything happens for good in life. Remember Krishna’s advice to Arjuna in Bhagwat Geetha! Personally, I also don’t like doing serious planning and provisions for future, so I was not too worried.

Where did you think Suyati was headed when we started?

This also I didn’t have a clue! But I had a feeling that Mukund would somehow guide us in the right direction as I felt he had enough confidence and will to take us ahead!

What do you like about working at Suyati? What would you change for the next 10 years?

We have a vibrant culture with so much young faces around! I would definitely like this mix to be little more heterogeneous with people from all across India.

How has your work at Suyati helped you in your life?

Suyati helps one to maintain a fine balance between professional and family goals and responsibilities(would say that balance is greatly tilted on the family side )

To me, Suyati is definitely a major force and factor in my life. I hope it reaches great heights professionally and benefits all under its umbrella and the society fostering it.

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Chief Technology Officer and Wannabe biker

S Karthikeyan

What was the dominant thought or feeling when we started Suyati in 2009?

It was a mixed feeling. The recession was at its peak, and the cost cuts were everywhere. Got opportunities in EA and Symantec, but the question in my mind was whether to look for entrepreneurship again or find a place that will give me a chance to practice it. Suyati was the ideal choice.

Can you relate an incident or funny scene at that time?

When I returned back from Chandigarh to join Suyati, I heard that Vincent has stopped the free Paripuvada coupons (yeah.. we used to get it from our previous company). People have never seen me this angry!

Your absolute favorite moment or incident at Suyati? Your worst moment? Why?

In the early days of Suyati, as a passionate, enthusiastic developer I was working on one of our products "Voraka" in the late evenings after my regular work. There was no team for the product, and as usual, the product looked like a lame developer’s admin console with lines and black background. Few guys working late came over and started asking questions. The product story at Suyati started overnight. It still gives me goosebumps when I think about that night.

Worst moment: A few years ago, we started Suyati's version of IPL, with auctions for players. I realized my name was at the top of the Player list. I was so excited….. Then the auction started... people calling names after names, but no one calls my name, not even for 100 rupees, the lowest bid. Finally, I was the 2nd last to be picked up. I realized that the entire team planned it. It was a grrr... moment. I am still searching for the guy who put my name on that sheet!

To me, Suyati is a community of passionate & enthusiastic technology professionals. To me, Suyati is a family.

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Happy Faces

Suyati Family

Excerpts from

Our 10-week celebrations

Week 1 - Icebreaking sessions

Chinese whisper, Suyati Anthem competition, Draw the 10th anniversary logo.
Team 3 - 1st
Team 1 - 2nd
Team 2 - 2nd
Team 4 - 3rd

Week 2 - Team-Name and Tagline

Teams were asked to choose a team-name and tagline and creatively present it to the audience.
Team 3 : 1st
Team 2 : 2nd
Team 4 : 3rd
Team 1 : 4th

Week 3 - TikTok videos

Teams were asked to come up with TikTok videos – a compilation of videos related to Suyati.
Magizhmathi : 1st
SuyatiAnts : 2nd
Kalki : 2nd
Dashmoolam : 3rd

Week 4 - Surprise Floor Games

Teams were asked to build the highest tower and install it intact using a few fragile raw materials.
Magizhmathi : 1st
SuyatiAnts : 2nd
Kalki : 3rd
Dashmoolam : 4th

Week 5 - Cook Off Competition

A cookery show in association with Nestle where the chefs in Suyati showcased their culinary skills.
SuyatiAnts : 1st
Dashmoolam : 2nd
Kalki : 3rd
Magizhmathi: 4th

Week 6 - Valentine’s Day activity

Solo music performances, skits, and plenty of fun - an evening dedicated to entertainment.
SuyatiAnts :
Magizhmathi :
Kalki :
Dashmoolam :

Week 7 - Outdoor Games

Throwballs, blindfolded activities, and skill-based games loaded with fun.
Dashmoolam : 1st
Kalki : 1st
Magizhmathi : 2nd
SuyatiAnts : 3rd

Week 8 - CodeFest POC Demo

Teams were asked to come up with POC of a concept that would be relevant 10 years from now.
SuyatiAnts : 1st
Magizhmathi : 2nd
Kalki : 3rd
Dashmoolam : 4th

Week 9 - Bay Decoration

Equal budget was allocated to each team and they had to decorate their chosen cubicles in the most attractive manner.
SuyatiAnts : 1st
Dashmoolam : 2nd
Kalki : 3rd
Magizhmathi : 4th

Week 10 - Treasure Hunt

With clues placed at different locations within Infopark campus, the 4 teams had a hard time solving the riddles faster than their competitors to find the Treasure.
Magizhmathi : 1st
Dashmoolam : 2nd
SuyatiAnts : 3rd
Kalki : 4th